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Tipton Litterwatch was set up in 1997 to assist local people by supplying information, advice and support on how to report litter problems to the relevant individual, landowner or authority, responsible for clearing it up; making sure they carry out their legal obligations.

A vital part of our charity's work is education and the promotion of environmental awareness. Tipton Litterwatch works to educate members of the public, not only on their environmental rights but also to be more aware themselves of the problems that litter can cause. Our main focus for this lies with educating young minds on many environmental issues. This conducted nominally in Sandwell schools via our environmental education programme 'Think Before You Throw' from 2000-2011 and with our Eco Bus from 2011 to present day! We are also extremely proud to be the founding partner of The Big Spring Clean (link to page) which has recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary year in 2016.

As well as receiving the Queens Award for Voluntary Service we are delighted to be celebrating 20 years making a difference in Sandwell.