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About Litter Watch

Litter Watch is an award-winning community led charity, supported by Sandwell Council and Serco.

It was established in early 1997 to help Tipton residents tackle their environmental concerns and provide information and support to report litter problems.

Litter Watch has grown and developed significantly to become a key environmental partner in Sandwell.

Over 100,000 children and adults have been involved in a Litter Watch activity, workshop, scheme or volunteering opportunity.

Whilst the team is small the reach is exceptional and we continue to deliver positive, wide reaching environmental solutions


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The Team
Alicia Wingfield - Chief Officer
Stuart Chapman - Project Coordinator


 Ian Jones Chair
Lindsay Richmond Vice Chair
Shane Allen Trustee
Jo Haydon Trustee
Adam Lloyd Trustee
Jane Mitchell-Barnes Trustee
Adrian Bailey, MP Patron